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Helping Georgians establish custody and parenting plans

Raising children is not easy and requires contribution from both parents. With younger children, parents need to make sure they are fed and clothed and are not getting into harmful situations. In addition to providing for the child's basic needs, they need love and support from the parents.

When couples divorce or split, or if they were never married, the parents still need to provide these things for the children. However, when there is a divorce or a split, generally, there are child custody orders and parenting plans that govern the parents as they continue to share the responsibilities of raising the children.

Reaching custody decisions is not easy though. This is an emotional time, but it must be done and be based on analyzing a number of factors. These include factors, such as the parent's work schedules and living situation, as well as if there is any drug use or domestic abuse in the relationship.

Then, after custody is determined, the parents must decide on a parenting plan. A parenting plan determines when the children will be with each parent, as well as schedules for holidays, vacations, special events and other things that the parents want. Each parent is entitled to time with their children, whether they have custody or not, and the parenting plans ensure that will happen.

There are many people in Georgia who are divorced or split up from the other parent of their children. People in this situation often will have custody orders and parenting plans. At our firm, we understand how difficult it can be when parents have to make custody decisions and parenting plans. We work with both custodial and non-custodial parents and work with the other side to come to the best resolution, if possible. For more information on how we handle these cases, please visit our child custody page on our website.

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