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Factors used to determine alimony in Georgia

When people are married in Georgia, they share the expenses. How they share those expenses varies from family to family though. Sometimes, both spouses work similar paying jobs and equally contribute financially. In other marriages, one spouse may earn all or most of the income, while the other spouse stays home to care for the children. Due to the many different scenarios in a marriage, there are different outcomes if the couple ever decides to divorce.

One issue in a divorce that is fact specific to the particular circumstances of the marriage is alimony or spousal support. Alimony is money paid from one spouse to the other to ensure that they are able to meet their monthly budget. Alimony can be temporary and have an end date, or it can be a permanent award. Determining the amount can be complicated however, and is made after analyzing a number of different factors.

These factors include, but are not limited to, the standard of living during the marriage, how long the marriage lasted, the age of each spouse, their physical and emotional condition, the financial resources available to them, each one's earning capacity, how long it may take one spouse to go to school to obtain a suitable job, the amount one contributed to homemaking, child care and other aspects around the home, so the other spouse could build his or her career and others.

As one can see, alimony determinations can be complicated decisions. It is also something that will not be a factor in all divorces. But, for those divorces that it is an issue, often times it is a time consuming aspect. Determining alimony is not based on a calculator, and there are many different potential outcomes, depending on how one analyzes the factors listed above. It is important to understand those factors and the law to ensure one receives the proper amount of alimony.

Source:, "Georgia Code Title 19. Domestic Relations § 19-6-5," accessed on March 27, 2017

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