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Bill would take guns from perpetrators of domestic abuse

People who are in relationships will inevitably get into a fight at some point in time. Generally these are verbal arguments about things that annoy each other or things they would like their partner to change. Usually, they remain strictly heated exchanges of words from which the couple can move on. However, this is not always the case, and in many relationships, these fights move past verbal altercations, turn physical and cause emotional stress in addition to the physical injuries.

There are already many laws which prohibit domestic violence and place penalties on the perpetrators of the violence. However, the Georgia House of Representatives wants to add another penalty to the list. Since domestic violence all to often ends with the tragic use of guns, the House has introduced a bill which would prohibit those convicted of domestic violence or subject to a domestic violence protection order from owning or possessing firearms. This is designed to try to prevent the tragic ends to many domestic violence situations.

There are also options available for the victim to try and help protect themselves from the offenders. Beyond going to the police to report the violence, the victim can also obtain a domestic violence protection order. These orders generally prohibit the perpetrator of domestic violence from having any contact with the victim and impose criminal penalties if the person violates the order. They can also grant custody of children to the victim to protect them from the violence as well.

Unfortunately, there are too many victims of domestic violence in Georgia, as some of our lawmakers seem to recognize. These situations can be very devastating for the victim and the whole family. There are laws already on the books which allow the victim to attempt to gain some protection from them as well. Experienced attorneys understand how difficult these situations can be and may be able to guide one through the process.

Source: Georgia General Assembly, "2017-2018 Regular Session - HB 541" accessed on Mar. 20, 2017

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