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March 2017 Archives

Factors used to determine alimony in Georgia

When people are married in Georgia, they share the expenses. How they share those expenses varies from family to family though. Sometimes, both spouses work similar paying jobs and equally contribute financially. In other marriages, one spouse may earn all or most of the income, while the other spouse stays home to care for the children. Due to the many different scenarios in a marriage, there are different outcomes if the couple ever decides to divorce.

Bill would take guns from perpetrators of domestic abuse

People who are in relationships will inevitably get into a fight at some point in time. Generally these are verbal arguments about things that annoy each other or things they would like their partner to change. Usually, they remain strictly heated exchanges of words from which the couple can move on. However, this is not always the case, and in many relationships, these fights move past verbal altercations, turn physical and cause emotional stress in addition to the physical injuries.

Modifying a child custody order in Georgia

There are many families in Georgia. The dynamics of each family are different though. Sometimes the parents are married and raise the children together in the same home. Other times the parents are divorced, in others the parents were never married to each other. Regardless of the relationship status of the parents, they still must provide for their children and raise them. How they do that often times depends on the relationship status of the parents though.

Modifying a child support order less than 36-months old

Parents in Georgia must provide for their children needs while they are minors. These include the basic needs food, clothing and shelter, but also the many other financial costs associated with the children, such as medical expenses, health insurance, child care, activities and many other costs. This is true whether the parents are married, living together, separated or divorced. However, when they are no longer together how each parent contributes is different and generally governed through family law by a child support order.

What is the 'ICWA' in a Georgia adoption?

As many readers of this blog may have noted, an adoption in Georgia is not generally an easy or simple procedure. There are many factors to take into account, including the rights of biological parents, the notification of interested parties, meeting the requirements for adoption, and possibly things such as home studies and the like. Well, potential adoptive parents also need to be aware of certain federal laws that may also add complications to an adoption process.

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