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February 2017 Archives

What can a divorce court look at when dividing property?

There are many different aspects to getting a divorce in Georgia. The person petitioning will have to choose a ground for the divorce or, possibly, a no-fault ground. Once the divorce petition is filed, served on the respondent and either answered or a default is entered, there are many issues that will have to be resolved by the parties or the court. These can include child support, child custody, alimony and, of course, division of property.

Georgia teens can be domestic violence victims too

This blog has previously discussed the fact that many victims of domestic violence have difficulty seeing that they have options to get out of their bad relationships. This can be especially true of victims who are teenagers. With nearly one-and-a-half million teens being victims of dating violence each year, which is approximately one in three, domestic violence aid groups use February to raise awareness of this important problem.

What is a 'Guardian Ad Litem' in Georgia child custody?

As we have touched on previously, Georgia child custody cases can become contentious. Parents may have differing views on how a child is raised, and both may want to have the children with them on a regular basis. Further, because custody cases are often part of a divorce, or happen alongside requests for support, there may be other issues that parents care about that factor into the decisions they make regarding their kids.

Is there legal separation in Georgia family law?

Legal marriage is a condition that unites two individuals under the laws of the State of Georgia for many and varied purposes. From taxation to employer benefits and inheritance to decision-making rights during times of incapacity, being married can make many facets of life different than being single. There is, of course, the other side of marriage, which is the emotional, personal or religious aspect of being wed to another person.

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