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Don't become part of a domestic violence pattern

It is in our intimate relationships that human beings generally feel the most vulnerable. For most people, being with a spouse or domestic partner creates the opportunity for shared joys and the easing of pain through the sharing of burdens and support through difficult times. Unfortunately, for too many Georgia residents, the same vulnerability that can give rise to wonderful feelings also creates an opportunity for their partners to cause great harm.

This blog has previously discussed the fact that, while physical violence is a component of many abusive relationships, it is not always the only one, and many times, not even the most frequent one. Emotional, financial and sexual abuse are all often part and parcel of an abusive person's arsenal, wielded to maintain a position of power over a partner and to make him or her feel helpless. In many cases, this behavior escalates to physical violence and, once it does, the physical violence will also escalate in frequency and severity.

It is fairly well established that individuals who commit domestic abuse fall into certain patterns. In many, if not most cases, abusers attempt to isolate their partners and create a dependency upon the abuser that is intended to make it difficult for the victim to see a way to get out. This feeling can be especially strong when children are also involved, as the abuser can use the kids as leverage to make the victim stay in a relationship on the abuser's terms. Further, abusers often have stints of 'good behavior' during which they lull the victim into a sense of security before something triggers the abusive cycle again.

It is very important that Georgia residents know that they do not have to live with domestic violence or abuse. They have options, both in terms of seeking immediate support, and for legal help in getting out of the relationship and being as protected as possible from the abuser. Those who find themselves in these sorts of relationships should first ensure their own safety and that of any children, and then consider seeking out an experienced family attorney to determine what legal steps may be taken.

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