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January 2017 Archives

Do children have to consent to adoption in Georgia?

Adoptions can be exciting for prospective parents. After all, they are, in many cases, fulfilling a dream they have had for some time. Having a child to raise may have even been a dream they feared would never be realized. They generally can't wait to have their new family member come and begin to share their lives. In other circumstances, adoptions are done as a way to help legally bind a blended family together when one partner has a child from a previous relationship. But what about the children in these situations? If they are old enough, they may have their own ideas and feelings about the process.

How is alimony affected by prior conduct?

Georgia residents are likely aware of the term no-fault divorce. Over the last 40 years or so, most states have created a cause of action in which spouses wishing to dissolve their marriages can simply plead that the marriage is 'irretrievably broken' without being more specific as to the problems that occurred. While Georgia still maintains fault-based causes of action for divorce, most present-day dissolutions of marriage will be of the no-fault kind.

Don't become part of a domestic violence pattern

It is in our intimate relationships that human beings generally feel the most vulnerable. For most people, being with a spouse or domestic partner creates the opportunity for shared joys and the easing of pain through the sharing of burdens and support through difficult times. Unfortunately, for too many Georgia residents, the same vulnerability that can give rise to wonderful feelings also creates an opportunity for their partners to cause great harm.

Legitimation required for unwed father's child custody in Georgia

Out of all the concepts that Georgia family law deals with, perhaps none are more confusing to many people than those of paternity and legitimacy. While we've discussed legitimation and its importance in other areas, it should be stressed that, for unmarried fathers, legitimation is the only way to be able to have legal rights to see his children. It also needs to be understood that a legal finding of paternity and an order to pay child support does not necessarily mean that a child has been legitimated.

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