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Adoptions needed? Georgia leads in rise of foster children

Children are some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Because they generally are unable to care fully for themselves, it is usually up to adults to ensure their safety, well-being and happiness. While most of the time this is the job of the biological parents, it is unfortunately common for those individuals to be unable or unwilling to take on that responsibility. When this occurs, someone else must care for the children. In many cases this means a stint in foster care.

A study conducted by the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis Reporting System has found that after a period of a falling number of foster children being placed prior to 2012, the amount of children needing such services began rising after that date and has continued its upward trend through 2015. Nearly 75 percent of U.S. states reported rising foster placements during this time and, according to AFCARS, Georgia's increase was the highest. The number of foster children in the state rose from a bit over 7500 in 2013 to over 13,000 in 2015.

AFCARS believes one of the reasons for this increase is the rise in substance abuse amongst parents, with heroin being a major culprit. Anyone who knows the ins and outs of addiction, especially the opioid variety, will understand that, in many cases, these biological parents may never be able to properly care for their kids. Because of this, an increasing number of children in Georgia may require a loving adoptive family.

Children deserve the best chance we can give them to lead a secure, happy life and grow into productive adults. One way to help do this is be an adoptive parent. Although the process may be lengthy and complex, the rewards can be great. Those wishing to know more about adopting a child in Georgia may wish to consult an experienced family attorney.

Source: Huffington Post, "The Alarming Rise Of Children In Foster Care," Dr. John DeGarmo, Dec. 13, 2016

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