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November 2016 Archives

Georgia parents have a right to enforce child support orders

One of the largest understatements around is probably that "being a single parent is difficult." Attempting to care for the physical and emotional needs of a child or children while simultaneously having to make enough money to keep a roof over your family's heads and food on the table can be a daunting task. This is why Georgia, like most U.S. states, attempts to ensure that both parents are required to contribute financial support for a child, even if they are no longer living together. This is generally done through a court order for child support.

Can one adopt a child from out-of-state in Georgia?

The procedures necessary to adopt a child in the United States, like most other family law actions, are generally dependent upon the laws of the state in which the adoption takes place. Because of the federalist system of government we have, the states are usually given power over such matters. However, the federal government does have laws that can regulate such activities at times, especially when the actions cross state lines.

Reality star begins Georgia divorce during TV episode

There are people across the country and in state of Georgia who enjoy watching reality shows like "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." One of the factors that drives this enjoyment is often the personal look viewers get inside the lives of the individuals performing in the show. Recently, one woman who stars in the serial began one of the most personal processes possible when she visited an attorney on air to discuss terminating her marriage.

What is 'expressive aggression' in Georgia domestic violence?

Many Georgia residents likely think of domestic violence in the traditional sense of physical violence. Indeed, many individuals who live with domestic abusers experience the effects of a partner who will lash out physically for any or no discernable reason. However, it is an unfortunate fact of the pattern of domestic abuse that physical violence is only one part of the environment in which abuse victims live.

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