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Settling a divorce is often the best option

The emotional effects of the end of a marriage are fairly well documented. Regardless of whether a person initiates the proceedings or it is begun by the other party, the feelings that Georgia residents have regarding this tumultuous period in their lives often affect their reasoning abilities. Even when a break-up is relatively amicable, the sense of loss of a significant part of a person's life can make objectivity difficult.

This is one reason, as we have previously discussed, that Georgia divorce proceedings contain several opportunities for the parties to settle matters between themselves. In most cases, this will be to the benefit of everyone involved in the process. This can be especially true if there are children in the relationship. Creating a dialogue that fosters a fair and reasonable discussion of the issues to be resolved in the divorce can help to reduce emotional stress and provide for a better future relationship between the parties.

This does not mean, however, that Georgia residents should relinquish legal rights in any sense. While compromise is likely a necessity in most cases, as with most other things in life there are limits. The strongest settlements are often those in which parties are open to reasonable solutions, but also willing to go the distance, even to trial, if the other side does not engage in fair negotiations.

Because of this, it can be the right strategy to go into a divorce with the goal of settling matters before they get to trial. Not only does this reduce stress, it also reduces the costs involved in the final outcome of the case. However, when a situation warrants it, going to trial may be the only option. Those with questions about Georgia divorces are welcome to peruse our family law website.

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