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What can a Domestic Violence Protection Order do in Georgia?

Just like many other states, Georgia has a law that attempts to address one of the more prevalent problems in American society: domestic violence. This statute, known as the "Family Violence Act," is meant to help protect those individuals who have been victims of violence or abuse by a family member or member of their households. One of the ways that the law does this is by promulgating a type of order that can be issued by a court for the purpose of protecting a potential domestic violence victim.

These "Family Violence Protection Orders" are, first and foremost, used to order the abuser to refrain from contacting the victim for some period of time. Those who violate this portion of the order may be arrested and prosecuted with a criminal offense However, there are other specific provisions that a Family Violence Protective Order can contain.

Such orders may, for example, dictate the living arrangements of the individuals involved by awarding possession of a family home to the victim and requiring the abuser to leave, or forcing the abuser to provide some form of alternate housing for the victim. They may also provide that the victim gets temporary custody of a couple's children, and that the abuser must pay some amount of child support. A protection order might also require the abuser to go to some form of counseling, or award attorney's fees and costs.

Domestic violence is a serious problem, and no one should have to put up with such behavior. Georgia residents who have questions about their legal options may need to get more information.

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