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Reality TV star deals with same family law as others in Georgia

Previous posts here have touched on many aspects of family law and divorce in Georgia. These include the basic procedure used to terminate a marriage, as well as some of the nuts and bolts of the process, as far as requirements that parents need to meet when there are children involved, as well as how courts expect the parties to a divorce to behave while the case is being resolved. While these are usually hypothetical posts based upon possible circumstances that may arise, sometimes a real-life example is helpful to illustrate that these laws are actually enforced.

Here in Georgia, a court recently handed down a couple orders in the divorce case of a relatively well-known reality television actress. Towanda Braxton filed for divorce in August, and is presumably learning that her celebrity does not exempt her from the law's requirements. Citing the "no-fault" divorce clause, she claimed that the marriage is irretrievably broken and requested custody of the couple's children.

As often happens in such cases, the court issued a mutual restraining order to bind the parties, which prohibits them from threatening or harassing the other, or to dispense with or liquidate and marital assets before the divorce is resolved. Further, it enjoins either of the parents from taking the minor children out of Georgia without permission. The couple have also been ordered to take a parenting class aimed at educating them how to help their children deal with the break-up of the marriage.

While the press has a penchant for sensationalizing such details, as readers of previous posts here may know, none of these requirements are uncommon in a Georgia divorce. When children are involved, parents, whether famous or not, are going to have to comply with the state's family law, which is intended to protect the best interests of those children.

Source:, "Towanda Braxton Files For Divorce, Gets Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband," Nina Bradley, Sept. 8, 2016

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