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September 2016 Archives

What can a Domestic Violence Protection Order do in Georgia?

Just like many other states, Georgia has a law that attempts to address one of the more prevalent problems in American society: domestic violence. This statute, known as the "Family Violence Act," is meant to help protect those individuals who have been victims of violence or abuse by a family member or member of their households. One of the ways that the law does this is by promulgating a type of order that can be issued by a court for the purpose of protecting a potential domestic violence victim.

What do grandparents in Georgia have to show to get visitation?

A previous post here discussed the fact that grandparents in Georgia may file a legal action for visitation with their grandchildren, but that they do not have an automatic right to it. At that time, we touched on the basic requirements needed for grandparents to file a petition. This week, we'll take a brief look at what such a petition will have to show in order to be successful.

Reality TV star deals with same family law as others in Georgia

Previous posts here have touched on many aspects of family law and divorce in Georgia. These include the basic procedure used to terminate a marriage, as well as some of the nuts and bolts of the process, as far as requirements that parents need to meet when there are children involved, as well as how courts expect the parties to a divorce to behave while the case is being resolved. While these are usually hypothetical posts based upon possible circumstances that may arise, sometimes a real-life example is helpful to illustrate that these laws are actually enforced.

What is a post-adoption contract agreement in Georgia?

Allowing children to be adopted can have many benefits, both to the individuals involved and society as a whole. The ability to transfer custody of children from a place where they cannot be adequately cared for, or are less likely to receive certain advantages, to a home where they may be able to be healthier, happier and enjoy more opportunities is often a net positive. However, it can also be a very emotional process, as both the birth and adoptive parents, and the child, may need to wrestle with strong feelings regarding the relationships each has with the other, if any.

What is a Joint Compliance Certificate in a Georgia divorce?

A previous post here discussed some of the basic structure that a couple contemplating the end of a marriage might expect from the family courts during a divorce process in Georgia. Because of the state's policy of favoring amicable resolution of family matters, for the welfare of all involved, as well as the expense to society, this structure includes several potential status conferences. These conferences allow the court to monitor the progress of the case and encourages the parties to work together to find common ground for a settlement.

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