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August 2016 Archives

Do not accept domestic violence

It is an unfortunate fact that domestic violence continues to pervade American society. While it can be present everywhere, there are those who feel that it is especially related to some aspects of cultural life in Southern states such as Georgia. Regardless of the place or supposed reason behind domestic violence, it should not be tolerated by anyone. Loving familial relationships are supposed to be places of safety and comfort, not endless stress and emotional and physical abuse.

What rights in child custody to Georgia grandparents have?

In some past generations, when travel and communications were not as advanced as they are today, many families in Georgia may have lived within close proximity to several generations of their relatives. Parents, children and grandparents may have been in the same neighborhood, or even the same dwelling, and everyone may have had a hand in caring for the children. While this may not happen as often in the early 21st century U.S., many children still have relationships with their grandparents, and it can be hard on them when parent's divorce or otherwise split up. So, what rights to grandparents have in these cases?

What is mediation in Georgia family law?

We've previously touched on many parts of the divorce process in the state of Georgia, from the initial filing, to service, to some of the standards that are used when a case reaches the trial court. We have also discussed the fact that it is often in the parties' interests to come to agreement on those issues where it is possible to do so, to cut down on both the financial and emotional expenses of litigation. One way to help with this is the use of the mediation process.

How does one 'legitimate' a child in Georgia?

We have previously discussed the concept of "legitimation" as it pertains to the rights of a Georgia father as far as dealing with adoption cases. To refresh, the law recognizes two similar but separate paternal relationships between father and child. "Paternity" is the state of being a child's biological father, and places upon him the financial responsibility for a child, but does necessarily confer any legal rights on the father. Legitimation, however, creates a legal relationship between father and child such that the father has potential rights to custody and visitation. A legitimate father also would need to consent to any adoption of his minor child.

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