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What is the 'Families In Transition' seminar in Georgia?

This blog has previously discussed several aspects of the process of terminating a marriage in Georgia. We have touched on the division of property, the way custody of any children may be handled, and certain aspects of the child support laws in the state. However, people going through a divorce with children in the Atlanta area will also need to deal with the emotional needs of their kids. For this reason, family courts in and around the city require divorcing couples who have children to attend a "Families In Transition" (FIT) seminar.

According to the Fulton County Superior Court, the course is required for parents going through a number of different family law processes, including divorce, paternity, visitation, change of custody or legitimation cases. The FIT seminar is administered by professional therapists and counselors, and lasts about four hours. In appropriate cases, the parties will need to attend the course within 30 days of service of the court order on the Respondent in the case. The FIT seminar requires a one-time non-refundable fee of $30.

The seminar addresses various aspects of the divorce or other family law process on the family unit and its components. It especially focuses on the effects that such legal proceedings can have on minor children, such as indicators of stress in children, developmental stages they go through and the various parts of the grieving process that accompanies the break-up of the family. It also touches on the subjects of what financial responsibilities parents have to their kids, how to manage stress during the proceedings, basic concepts of dispute resolution and how to view the divorce as an opportunity for growth.

While many Georgia parents may resent having to spend four hours in a class setting during a stressful time in their lives, it is important that they have the tools to manage their lives and the experiences of their children as they navigate the end of a marriage. Individuals with questions about the requirements or other aspects of the divorce process may wish to consider speaking with a Georgia family law attorney.

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