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June 2016 Archives

What is the 'Families In Transition' seminar in Georgia?

This blog has previously discussed several aspects of the process of terminating a marriage in Georgia. We have touched on the division of property, the way custody of any children may be handled, and certain aspects of the child support laws in the state. However, people going through a divorce with children in the Atlanta area will also need to deal with the emotional needs of their kids. For this reason, family courts in and around the city require divorcing couples who have children to attend a "Families In Transition" (FIT) seminar.

Atlanta woman burned in domestic violence attack

The problem of violence between domestic or romantic partners has been an issue in American life for a long period. For much of that time it was covered up or excused. However, over the last couple decades, domestic violence has gotten more attention, and political and social forces have begun to array against it, both in Georgia and elsewhere.

What is 'supervised visitation' in Georgia child custody?

This blog has discussed some basics about Child custody determination in Georgia divorce and other family court proceedings. We have touched on the fact that part and parcel of the legal custody process in the state is the concept of the 'best interests of the child.' One of our posts briefly described some of the factors used by a court in determining whether joint or sole custody is appropriate, and whether one parent should have primary residential care of the child. We've also mentioned visitation and the idea of parenting time.

Is a parenting seminar required in Georgia family law?

One of the most contested parts of a family law case in Georgia will usually involve children. Both parents are often interested in maintaining relationships with their kids and ensuring their well-being, and many times the parties have different ideas of how to do this. The state and the county court systems in which these cases play out have an interest in both protecting children's best interest and as well as a smooth-running judicial system, so some localities require that parents learn about how to deal with each other and their kids in such situations.

When can a Georgia father be notified of an adoption?

Previous posts here have discussed the fact that Georgia distinguishes between biological paternity and legal paternity, and the process by which a father can legitimate a child he has had with someone to whom he was not married. One of the reasons a man might wish to do this is so he can be notified in case the child is put up for adoption either by the mother or an agency. But is that the only time he will be notified?

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