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Legitimation should be taken seriously in Georgia family law

While many factors contribute to a couple's decision to end their relationship, for some couples in Georgia the reason the end of their relationship becomes so contentious is that it deals with the two most important things in many people's lives: their children and their money. Unfortunately, many people tend to react to these situations emotionally and do not always make the best decisions for their own and their family's interests at the time issues occur.

One way this can happen is with unmarried couples and their children. This blog has previously discussed the concept of legitimation under Georgia law, and how it differs from the legal idea of paternity. To review, the process of legitimation is what gives an unmarried father the right to custody of or visitation with, a child, while a legal finding of paternity may only bind him to the financial support of that child.

One thing that unmarried parents in Georgia should remember is that without legal legitimation, the unmarried mother will be the only one with a right to custody of the child. This space has also discussed the potential criminal liability for interference with lawful custody, and it is an important concept for Georgia parents to understand. Unmarried fathers, or indeed, any parent who does not have legal custody, may want to think hard before taking a child without the other parent's permission, considering not only the potential criminal consequences, but how it will look in court during a custody proceeding.

In short, unmarried couples who have children together and are going through child custody proceedings are entering a legal minefield that may require professional help to navigate. Between ensuring that both parents have the legal rights to which they are entitled, and that the children are supported financially and emotionally, there are many different variables to be considered. Unmarried parents with questions may want to consider looking for more information at the Weaver Law Firm's family law overview.

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