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Is domestic violence in Georgia getting worse?

About a month ago, we discussed the unfortunate number of domestic violence victims, both nationally and throughout the state of Georgia. While more and more attention has been paid to this subject by the public over recent years, whether due to targeted heightened awareness programs or coverage of high profile cases in the news, the news isn't always good, as one disturbing report from Georgia illustrates.

According to a report labeled the Georgia Fatality Review Report, which is published each year jointly by two domestic violence groups in the state, the domestic violence numbers in the state are not getting better. In fact, 2015 was the worst year in 10 years in terms of domestic violence-related deaths for Georgia. Fulton County, in the Atlanta area, had the dubious distinction of having the largest number of domestic violence fatalities.

While these numbers can be disheartening, especially considering one might expect the opposite result due to the light shed on the problem, those who do work with victims are quick to point out one important thing: there are options. Most counties and urban areas have a number of resources for the victims of domestic violence, from shelters where they can go for safety, to hotlines that are available at any time if someone needs help or advice about what to do in a certain situation. And, of course, the ultimate recourse for victims when an emergency arises is to call 911 for law enforcement intervention.

Once immediate safety is assured, it may be time to assess whether further steps may be taken. A variety of legal avenues may be open including restraining orders and injunctions. Of course, every situation may call for a different approach, so those with questions may want to contact a Georgia family law attorney.

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