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April 2016 Archives

Legitimation should be taken seriously in Georgia family law

While many factors contribute to a couple's decision to end their relationship, for some couples in Georgia the reason the end of their relationship becomes so contentious is that it deals with the two most important things in many people's lives: their children and their money. Unfortunately, many people tend to react to these situations emotionally and do not always make the best decisions for their own and their family's interests at the time issues occur.

Can embryos be adopted in Georgia?

The concept of adoption has a history in Western society that goes back thousands of years. From Roman Emperors adopting sons they felt were suitable heirs, to the modern family in Georgia adopting children that others could not care for, there has long been a place for the adding of individuals to a family tree. Only very recently, however, has medical science and the law allowed for the bringing of someone into a family before he or she is even born.

Who decides the split of property in a divorce?

When parents go through a divorce, the questions of who gets custody of the children, when and how visitation will occur, and whether a party must pay child support are usually at the top of the list of their concerns. But when those issues are squared away, the question of gets to keep what property often crops up as an issue between the parties. So, who decides how property gets divided when a couple in Georgia decides to end their marriage?

Is domestic violence in Georgia getting worse?

About a month ago, we discussed the unfortunate number of domestic violence victims, both nationally and throughout the state of Georgia. While more and more attention has been paid to this subject by the public over recent years, whether due to targeted heightened awareness programs or coverage of high profile cases in the news, the news isn't always good, as one disturbing report from Georgia illustrates.

What is in 'the best interest of the child' in Georgia custody?

We have previously discussed the various types of custody that a family court in Georgia can award to parents who are ending a marriage or otherwise separating their places of residence. The award of custody can be one of the most important decisions a court can make, and is often the issue at the forefront of both parents' minds during the proceeding. So, what is the most important factor when it comes to deciding who gets custody?

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