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March 2016 Archives

When may alimony be awarded to individuals in Georgia?

So-called "alimony reform" has been a fairly hot topic over the last few years in many places. There is a segment of the population that apparently believes that the practice of awarding alimony, especially permanent alimony, is an outdated one, and that it treats certain parties in a divorce situation unfairly. While we will not wade into that argument, as it relies very much on one's personal opinions on a number of issues, it may be important for Georgia residents going through a divorce to understand what the law currently says about alimony in the state.

What is the Georgia Putative Father Registry?

We have previously discussed several aspects of adoption and paternity in this blog, including some parts of the adoption process, and the distinct concepts of biological and legal paternity. To refresh, the father of a child born outside a marriage must legitimate a child if he wishes to have any legal rights to seek visitation or custody. This can be done by acknowledging the paternity of the child on a Paternity Acknowledgment (PA) form filed with the state, or by court decree. One of the rights that comes with being a legal father is the right to be notified if the child is subject to an adoption proceeding. However, what if one thinks he may be the father, but has not signed a PA, or otherwise become the legal parent of a child?

What is 'personal jurisdiction' in a Georgia divorce?

About a month ago, this blog discussed how the concept of legal service works, and what might happen if the whereabouts of a spouse are unknown when one wishes to terminate the marriage. There is another concept that is somewhat related to the idea of service in legal proceedings and that is the concept of "jurisdiction." This term may be more familiar to most Georgia residents in a law enforcement context, such as the fact that Atlanta police may not have jurisdiction to arrest someone in, say, New York. The concept, as far as courts go, is similar, but works a bit differently in practice.

Is domestic violence a big problem in Georgia?

The issue of domestic violence seems to be brought up more and more with each passing year. This may be because of high profile cases in the news, or recognition finally coming to problem that has, for far too long, been swept under the rug. Some people may wonder, however, how big a problem domestic violence is in a state such as Georgia.

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