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Adoption in Georgia is no simple task

We have discussed in previous blog posts several parts of the adoption process a family would go through if attempting to adopt through Georgia's state adoption services. As we have pointed out, there are several fairly complicated steps that have to be navigated by prospective adoptive parents in such situations. However, there are types of adoption that can happen in Georgia, as well as the concept of 'legitimation' that we have also previously touched on.

There are a few different ways adoption can occur, and they often depend on the location or relationship between the prospective parents and the child. There are international adoptions, which require parents to not only go through the legal adoption process, but also the immigration process as well, so that their adoptive children have status in the United States. There are family adoptions in which an extended family member adopts a child when the biological parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for the child. There are also step-parent adoptions in which a non-biological parent who is coupled with a biological parent wants to legally integrate the child into his or her own family.

There are various hurdles that need to be cleared in all these different permutations of adoption. International adoptions often-times depend upon the laws in the child's country of origin and may require, in many cases, some indication that the child is an orphan. Family and step-parent adoptions generally need some legal determination that the biological parent's rights have been terminated for some reason. Legitimation of a child born out of wedlock usually requires some form of paternity testing or acknowledgement by the putative father of his connection to the child.

As can be seen, no adoption process is without complications. While it can be a tremendously rewarding experience, it can also be incredibly frustrating to attempt to navigate alone. Luckily, Georgia residents have the option of consulting with family attorneys who have experience in handling such matters and may be able to help steer them through the shoals of the adoption process. For more information on adoption or legitimation, please feel free to read our website on the topic.

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