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January 2016 Archives

Do many Georgia domestic violence victims lack representation?

As we have previously alluded to, domestic violence is an endemic problem in Georgia and around the United States. The number of domestic violence victims in the country is astounding, and recent high profile cases involving athletes and other celebrities have shed light on the issue. While prevention, as usual, remains the best remedy for such social ills, what happens to victims in the aftermath of a domestic violence attack?

How does a military deployment affect child custody in Georgia?

We have discussed several issues pertaining to the award and modification of child custody in the State of Georgia. We have, for the most part, kept to talking about general issues that have broad applicability across the population of the state. There are however some particular circumstances which may be worth examining in a basic way. One of these is the effect that being a parent who is also a member of the military might have on such determinations.

What is imputed income in a Georgia child support case?

This blog has discussed the issue of child custody and some of the general factors that go into courts deciding where children will live when their parents are not together. Another issue that often goes hand in hand with the question of physical custody is that of child support. As a general rule, the non-custodial parent, that is, the one who the children do not live with most of the time, will be required to pay some support amount to the custodial parent.

Adoption in Georgia is no simple task

We have discussed in previous blog posts several parts of the adoption process a family would go through if attempting to adopt through Georgia's state adoption services. As we have pointed out, there are several fairly complicated steps that have to be navigated by prospective adoptive parents in such situations. However, there are types of adoption that can happen in Georgia, as well as the concept of 'legitimation' that we have also previously touched on.

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