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Mayor of Georgia town killed in domestic violence incident

The victims of violence in domestic settings are predominantly female, but a recent incident in a Georgia town reminds us that domestic violence can occur to anyone, man or woman. It is important to remember that, while all stories have two sides, no one should feel afraid in his or her own home, especially when that fear is instilled by someone who is supposed to be a source of love and support.

The mayor of a town known as Clarkesville, GA, located about 85 miles to the northeast of Atlanta, was apparently shot during a domestic disturbance at his place of residence. Reportedly, police responded to a domestic dispute and found the man, who was also a medical doctor, in his house with a gunshot wound. Sometime later, after being taken to a hospital in Atlanta, the 53-year-old father of four was pronounced dead.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is conducting an inquiry into the events, but as of December 14, no arrest had been made. While we can only speculate as to whether the man was shot by his wife in self-defense, or as part of a larger pattern of domestic violence, the case shows that even educated, economically advantaged people can be subject to the devastating effects of violence by loved ones.

Residents of Georgia should remember that people who are victims of domestic violence have options, many of which are provided by the legal system. Restraining orders, injunctions against domestic violence and other judicial remedies are often available. Further, potential perpetrators of domestic violence should be reminded that such actions may have consequences beyond the criminal realm, including civil restrictions on where and how one can see his or her spouse or children, or loss of custody altogether. Anyone with questions as to how to ask for protection from a bad domestic situation may wish to consider speaking with an experienced Georgia family law attorney.

Source:, "Georgia mayor fatally shot during domestic disturbance, no arrest made," Paul Liotta, Dec. 14, 2015

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