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December 2015 Archives

What's an 'annulment' of marriage in Georgia?

We have previously discussed some of the processes regarding obtaining a termination of marriage in Georgia, also known as 'divorce.' While this is the most common way of ending a marital relationship, there is another way to legally end a marriage: annulment. Annulment, as we shall see, is only available in very specific cases, and is certainly not the path everyone should take. However, in some circumstances it may make sense to pursue it rather than the more common divorce proceeding.

Mayor of Georgia town killed in domestic violence incident

The victims of violence in domestic settings are predominantly female, but a recent incident in a Georgia town reminds us that domestic violence can occur to anyone, man or woman. It is important to remember that, while all stories have two sides, no one should feel afraid in his or her own home, especially when that fear is instilled by someone who is supposed to be a source of love and support.

'Material change' important in a Georgia change of child custody

This blog has previously discussed the differences between joint and sole custody, as well as parenting plans and visitation rights. We have touched on the fact that when a Georgia court makes an initial ruling on custody matters, it generally does so by determining what is in the 'best interests of the child.' But sometimes things change in a family's situation. If a party wants to revisit the issue of custody after an order has already been issued, the court will apply a slightly different standard in determining if any change is warranted.

What is interference with custody in Georgia?

As has been noted previously, one of the most contentious issues in many family law cases is that of child custody. We have talked briefly about legal and physical custody, as well as certain factors a court may take into account when granting custody to one or both parties. We have also discussed visitation and how that can be awarded to one or another of a minor child's parents. However, as news stories can attest, there are sometimes major disagreements about custody and visitation issues, and sometimes this can lead to one parent keeping a child longer than his or her permitted visitation time, or removing the child from the locale of the child's legal residence or even the state of Georgia itself. What can happen in these instances?

What does a pre-adoption home study entail in Georgia?

A little over a month ago, we talked about the process prospective parents must go through if they are thinking about adopting a child through the Georgia Department of Human Services. There were several steps that must be completed in such situations, from the first inquiry, through a pre-adoption training course and several more up to the finalization of the adoption. One of the steps that may cause some of the most trepidation on prospective parents is that of the home study by DHS case workers. It is natural to feel a bit nervous about having one's fitness to be a parent evaluated by a stranger. Let's take a look on a very basic level at what such a home study entails.

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