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Divorcing Georgia parents need to understand parenting plans

As we have discussed in the past, couples who have children and are splitting up have some important, and possibly contentious, issues that need to be addressed. Because most parents who are in a relationship with each other are used to having access to their children at any time, it may be difficult for them to come to terms with the fact that, after the separation, there may be times the kids are not around. Understanding that this will likely be the case, it is important that parents put effort into negotiating a parenting plan that both parties can live with.

Because the public policy of the state of Georgia is that children benefit from relationships with both parents, in most situations couples with children who are divorcing or separating will be dealing with joint legal custody. This means the parents will have to work together in making major decisions in the child's life. One of the first of these is where the child will be living and when each parent will have time with the child.

This is where a parenting plan comes in. While a court can decide and dictate custody and visitation schedules if necessary, it is usually in the child's best interest for the parents to work out a plan that suits them both if possible. Experienced Georgia family attorneys have handled many such situations, and may be useful in letting parents know what expectations are realistic under existing law, and when they are causing themselves stress by fighting for something they are unlikely to get. Further, an attorney may be able to act as an objective voice that is not personally involved in the hurt feelings that often come along with uncoupling.

Most parents truly have their children's best interests at heart, and want them to feel as happy and safe as possible. This is usually best achieved when both parents understand and accept that they will have to share their children with each other and come to an agreement on an appropriate parenting plan that is fair and reasonable. For more information on child custody and visitation, readers are invited to peruse our website on the subject.

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