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November 2015 Archives

What are grounds for divorce in Georgia?

Georgia residents may have heard the term no-fault divorce being bandied about in the popular culture. This has been a trend in family law for several decades as states have moved away from the old 'fault grounds' of divorce to a process that makes it a bit simpler to dissolve a marriage contract without one party having to argue that the other did something wrong. In Georgia, this no-fault ground is sometimes called the irretrievably broken ground.

Is spanking a child domestic violence in Georgia?

There is, and has been for several decades, an on-going debate with regard to the use of 'corporal punishment' on children. Corporal punishment is simply the use of force to inflict pain as a means of behavior modification. This most often takes the form of what is called, in English, spanking. While many countries ban the practice altogether, there are those in the U.S. that still take the view that 'sparing the rod spoils the child,' while others say that it is at best ineffective and, at worst, a form of abuse that causes physical and emotional distress for no good reason. Regardless of one's viewpoint, it may be important to know what Georgia law says on the issue.

Divorcing Georgia parents need to understand parenting plans

As we have discussed in the past, couples who have children and are splitting up have some important, and possibly contentious, issues that need to be addressed. Because most parents who are in a relationship with each other are used to having access to their children at any time, it may be difficult for them to come to terms with the fact that, after the separation, there may be times the kids are not around. Understanding that this will likely be the case, it is important that parents put effort into negotiating a parenting plan that both parties can live with.

What must a grandparent show to get visitation in Georgia?

A little over a month ago, this blog discussed the fact that grandparents may, in certain situations, ask a family court for visitation with their grandchildren. To review, the grandparents may join, or intervene, in an existing family law case, or they can file an original petition with the family court if there are no other pending cases involving the children, the parents are separated or divorced, no custody action for the children has been filed in the past year, and the grandparents have not filed for visitation in the past two years.

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