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What is a domestic violence protective order in Georgia?

Previously, this blog has touched on various options victims of domestic or family violence may have as far as getting clear of their dangerous situations and beginning the legal process to ensure their safety in the future. One of these options is an application with a Georgia family law court for a protective order. An application for one of these orders allows a judge to issue various decrees depending on the circumstances of the case, most of which are intended to protect the applicant from further violence or abuse.

What is a domestic violence protective order in Georgia? Georgia Code Section 19-13-4 governs the issuance of these protective orders. This section provides that upon the filing of a verified petition, the judge can issue a protective order or approve a consent agreement the parties have reached. The law is fairly flexible in the sort of relief the judge may grant, and he or she my order various conditions, which often include having the respondent evicted from the home, being ordered to refrain from behaving in certain ways, granting custody of any children of the parties and ordering one of the parents to pay child support.

Such protective orders are enforceable throughout the state, regardless of which court issued them. Additionally, they remain in effect for a year unless rescinded. Any violation of an order for protection may have serious consequences, including criminal charges and possible jail time.

Victims of domestic violence are often understandably distraught and unsure about taking legal steps against their abusers. After all, these are usually people that the victims are supposed to love and trust. When that trust is violated by emotional abuse or violence, however, victims owe it to themselves and to any children in the household to consider taking steps to protect themselves.

Individuals who would like more information about protective orders and how they work may wish to think about contacting an experienced Georgia family law attorney. This could provide individuals with more information so her or she could make informed decisions regarding their situation.


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