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Georgia marriages are, in fact, contracts

The definition of marriage has gotten a lot of attention recently, both in the state of Georgia and around the United States. While there may be as many opinions on what being married means as there are people in the world, it is important to differentiate between those viewpoints and the concept of 'civil marriage;' that is, the way marriage is looked at be the law in the U.S.

The concept of marriage as a lifetime commitment between two people and all the other emotional trappings that many people believe are required for entering into such an arrangement is not diminished by the law of civil marriage. In fact, the law is generally neutral on the concepts of love, respect, and other parts of a marriage that most individuals see as fundamental to the institution. As part of the framework of the legal system, the law looks at marriage as a contract between two people. This contract is completed when one's marriage certificate is signed and registered with the state of Georgia. As with most contracts, the law doesn't get involved in the relationship between the parties unless something goes wrong. It is only when one or both parties wish to break the contract that the state steps in to facilitate the resolution of any disputes.

The law's main concerns when dealing with the dissolution of a marital contract, which is commonly called a divorce, are that the assets of the marriage are distributed fairly, and that the interests of any children involved are protected as well as can be expected. While the people involved in the marriage experience all the emotional and psychological pain and stress that the break up of an intimate relationship entails, the law attempts to look objectively at the situation and render a verdict in the context of the marriage as a legal contract.

Because of this, it is often helpful to have an experienced professional involved, who can help one through the process, and explain how the legal system will attempt to resolve the dispute. The end of a marriage can be a terrible time in a person's life, but having an experienced legal professional to rely on for advice may help ease the stress. If you have questions about the breaking of the legal contract of marriage, please feel free to visit our divorce website for more information.

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