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August 2015 Archives

What is 'contempt' with regard to family law in Georgia?

People in the United States often describe the country as a 'nation of laws.' This generally is supposed to mean that the law is applied equally across the social, political and economic spectrums, and that as part of reaping the benefits of living in society, we agree to be bound by that society's laws. But what does it mean to be 'bound by the law?' Sometimes the instrument that forces compliance is obvious, as with police forces enforcing laws prohibiting certain conduct.

What is 'legitimation' in Georgia?

Due to media coverage over the last decade, most Georgia residents are probably aware of the legal issue of paternity, especially with regards to subjects such as child support and child custody. Many gossip columns have made hay out of rumors of children of celebrities and their putative fathers. However, some people may be less familiar with another legal concept of consequence in Georgia family law: that of 'legitimation.'

Potential one-time payout to avoid alimony after a divorce

Many of our Atlanta area readers know that in recent years family law courts have sought new and innovative ways to resolve disputes involving soon-to-be ex-spouses, especially when significant assets or children are involved. In the news coverage of a recently announced celebrity divorce, it appears that a unique approach has been proposed by one side - a one-time lump sum payout in place of alimony.

Finding the right solution for your unique family law case

Georgians don't typically look forward to going to court or even consulting with a lawyer. Legal issues can bring about anxiety for many and, as such, many people want their issue resolved as quickly as possible. While we can't guarantee an expeditious resolution for our clients' family law issues, we can assist them with finding the best one to fit their specific needs.

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