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Marrying after divorce? Seek help from a lawyer first

Many Atlanta residents have gone through a divorce. While it's not always an easy situation - especially after a long marriage - most people get through their negative emotions and move on. Some even find love again and decide to give marriage another try. However, marrying a second time is much different and more difficult than the first time, which is why experts recommend legal assistance before saying "I do" again.

When couples marry for the first time, they typically have few assets. They may be fresh out of school and in debt. Once they marry, they start growing their wealth and accumulating assets such as a home, houses, stocks, retirement plans and maybe even collectibles such as cars and artwork. With a rise in divorce among the older set - those in their 50s and 60s - there are also children and even grandchildren in the mix, so when someone decides to remarry beyond that point, things start getting complicated.

That's why couples should look into prenuptial agreements. Prenups are hardly romantic, but they're practical. They're smart options for those who come into a second marriage with a significant amount of assets - assets designated for children, grandchildren and other family members - that they don't want to lose. And with Georgia being an equitable distribution state, everything a person acquires during marriage is subject to split. Proper estate planning is also essential to ensure that the new spouse does not receive everything upon death - and cause a family dispute.

Marriage is not something that should be taken lightly. While it may not have taken a lot of thought in one's younger years, with age comes wealth - and hopefully wisdom. Family is one's most important assets and it's important to take care that all family members are taken care of should the unexpected happen.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal, "Grandma with Attitude: Marrying again? Get legal advice," June 22, 2015

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