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What are common forms of domestic violence against men?

While women are more typically the victims in domestic violence cases, men can also be subject to such abuse. Unfortunately, it's not talked about much unless it happens to a male celebrity. Many Georgia sports fans remember when Tiger Woods was reportedly attacked with a golf club by his wife. Comedy fans may have mourned the loss of Phil Hartman, who was shot and killed by his wife while he was asleep. These are two well-known cases of domestic violence against men, but there are plenty more untold stories, making domestic violence against men a serious family law issue.

Domestic violence is not always obvious. While many people know that hitting or slapping is considered domestic violence, there are many other actions that constitute abuse as well. Emotional abuse -- such as belittling a man or calling him names -- can be a precursor to domestic violence. Controlling a man -- such as prohibiting him from seeing friends or family -- can also be abuse, as can be restricting his use of money. Making threats or exhibiting extreme jealousy or possessive behavior are other forms of spousal abuse. Domestic abuse is not always physical in nature.

Often, adultery is the catalyst for domestic violence attacks toward men. Jealous partners who suspect they have been cheated on may lash out in anger. They may use physical force, such as hitting or pushing, or resort to more serious harm through the use of weapons such as firearms and knives.

It is unknown exactly how many male victims of domestic violence there are, since many incidents are not reported. This is often due to male pride. Often, men don't want to be perceived as weak and unable to defend himself. Also, he may be afraid of being arrested for reporting the incident. In any case, it's important for men who are being attacked to pursue legal action in order to protect themselves.

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