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How to keep costs down in a family law case

Legal representation is not cheap, but it's a necessary expense for those going through family law issues. Georgians going through a divorce, child custody dispute, adoption or domestic violence case can expect to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees. Even when there is a fee agreement in place, legal costs can still run out of control when clients are unorganized and unfocused on the case. Find out how to keep costs down.

Preparation is key for a family law case. Ask the lawyer what documentation is needed and bring everything to the appointment. Think about the situation before the first appointment and come prepared with questions written down.

It also saves time - and results in lower fees - when clients are honest and thorough. Don't try to hide information, as this only drags on the case and costs more in the end. Lawyers must keep all customers' information confidential, so don't be ashamed to divulge everything the lawyer will need to know to move the case along. Lawyers typically don't want to hear surprises along the way.

Timely communication is also important. When clients come across new information that could affect their case, they should let their lawyers know right away. This could result in less time - and money spent. At the same time, communicate efficiently. Many lawyers charge clients for every minute spent on a case, so stay on topic to avoid paying $100 for that friendly phone call.

Family law cases can be very costly. By being upfront, efficient and thorough, customers can keep expenses at a minimum while ensuring that their cases get resolved timely.

Source: FindLaw, "Hiring a Family Law Attorney: Controlling Your Legal Costs," accessed Mar. 28, 2015

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