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April 2015 Archives

What are the laws regarding domestic violence and firearms?

Pushing, slapping and other forms of physical abuse are scary for many Georgia residents. So, when firearms are used in a domestic violence dispute, the results can be fatal, especially for women. In fact, assaults that involve the use of a firearm are up to 12 times more likely to result in death. But what are the laws regarding firearm use during a family law dispute?

Dealing with family law issues in court

Many marriages end in divorce. Although divorce is never easy, many Georgia couples attempt to alleviate stress by collaborating so they can settle their issues out of court. This is oftentimes in their best interest, so they can make the process quicker and less expensive. However, in a high asset divorce or split where couples harbor a lot of anger and resentment toward each other, negotiation can be a challenge. A family court may need to make decisions on child custody, property division and other issues in order to move the divorce along. Couples in Georgia often want to learn more about how the court process works to resolve family law issues in a divorce.

Understanding the Georgia divorce process

Georgians who have never been through a divorce will likely be blindsided, if their marriage ends. Many Georgians are accustomed to believing what they see on TV, and while the media may make divorce sound as easy as signing some paperwork, it is much more complex than that. Divorce is an extremely complicated undertaking, especially if there are children involved. Read on to differentiate myth from reality.

Dealing with changes to child support and custody

Besides death and taxes, there is another certainty in life: change. It is rare to see a situation stay the same forever. Marriages don't even last forever, so when one ends and there are children involved, it's common for a situation to change after divorce, necessitating a modification. Fortunately, if a Georgia parent moves out of state or loses his or her job, there is a way to modify child custody and support in order to maintain the best interests of the child.

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