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March 2015 Archives

Family law issue: R&B star faces domestic violence charges

People are usually taught not to hit others, but sometimes a person can get pushed too far. An individual may lash out at another person, who is typically a loved one. This was the case for a popular R&B artist, who was recently arrested in Georgia on domestic violence charges.

Dealing with Georgia paternity issues like adoption

Fathers' rights is becoming a popular issue in the United States as men fight for the same parental benefits as women. More and more dads stay home to care for their children while moms work. As a whole, fathers are becoming more involved in the lives of their children. So, when Atlanta parents divorce or split up, it is sometimes the men who are awarded child custody. Fathers' rights may affect some men negatively, however, as they are sometimes wrongfully accused of being a child's biological parent. Read on to learn more about these types of paternity issues and how a lawyer can help resolve them.

Home study requirements for international adoption

Adoption is an important decision that changes a person's life forever. It is, however, an overwhelming process filled with paperwork and long waits. One of the paperwork requirements is a home study. A home study must be submitted with applications for international adoption. A home study helps the adoption agency understand the family and home environment so that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services can determine if a person or couple is a good fit for a certain child. Read on to learn more about the extensive requirements that are part of a home study.

Surprising fact about child support: moms less likely to pay

Many Georgians have heard the term "deadbeat" used to describe a father who doesn't pay child support. However, statistics show that this term should be used to describe women more than men. Surprisingly, noncustodial mothers are less likely to pay child support than noncustodial fathers. Read on to learn more about these statistics and the possible reasoning behind them.

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