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Settling child custody issues in a Georgia divorce

Unfortunately, marriages and romantic relationships don't always last forever and in many cases, children are involved. When Gainesville parents split, there are often many issues to contend with regarding child custody. Who gets custody of the children? What type of custody arrangement will be in place? How often does the non-custodial parent get to spend quality time with the kids? These are questions that a Georgia family law attorney can help you answer.

The best interests of the child are not only kept in mind, but also prioritized, when making custody decisions. The child should be in the best environment possible, and this means that there are several factors in this decision. The judge will look at each parent's living situation, financial means and any history of drug or alcohol abuse. The child's relationship with each parent is also a determining factor. Is there one parent who is involved in most of the child care and raising? Do the children wish to live with one parent over the other?

The parents and their lawyers will typically work together to draft a parenting plan. This document will include specifics such as visitation rights, special arrangements (such as on summer break or school holidays) and a master schedule. Once the parents agree on everything, the plan is submitted to the court for approval. If the parents cannot agree, litigation will likely be involved.

If you are seeking child custody, it's helpful to be prepared to deal with a potentially contentious issue. Keep in mind that both parents have the right to see their children, so may be better to work with the other parent instead of taking the case to court and having a judge decide the child custody outcome. In either case, parents can contact us today in order to ensure their parental rights will be protected.

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