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In contempt of court? Dealing with this family law issue

In an ideal world, couples in Georgia would divorce or split amicably, being able to agree on all their issues. But the reality is that this is not a fantasy world and disputes do arise quite frequently. In some cases, even when a person is ordered by the court to do something, such as pay another party or surrender property, he or she may still fail to follow the order. When this happens, it is called being in contempt of court. Our law firm understands how divorce issues could make it challenging to go through the process and finalize a divorce agreement.

Contempt of court is considered disrespect to a judge or court of law. It is an illegal act that may be punishable by fines or jail time if the accused person is found guilty. It is particularly common in the family law field, in which a person may refuse to pay alimony or child support. It may also occur if a parent fails to follow a child visitation schedule or if a spouse fails to surrender property in a divorce.

If a person fails to pay an ex-spouse child support or alimony, it affects the recipient greatly. Many spouses depend on this financial support to care for children, go to school or pay for everyday expenses. When this happens, it's a good idea to try to resolve the issue out of court first, if possible. If you are unable to contact the party or are facing resistance, it's time to bring in legal representation.

Family law issues can be challenging. Don't try to handle them alone. If you are having trouble getting another party to follow a court order, or if you are the one facing possible charges of contempt of court, you need to understand your legal rights. It's a good idea to have a knowledgeable family law attorney review your case and inform you of the next steps, and our law firm's website could help outline the process and options to resolve this and other divorce issues.

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