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Domestic violence in Georgia same-sex couples

When many people think of domestic violence, they may picture a man beating up a woman. However, a man-woman relationship is no longer the standard. There are now same-sex relationships to take into consideration and these couples must deal with the possibility of domestic violence as well. In fact, bisexual women and homosexual men face domestic violence at higher rates than heterosexual couples. Read on to learn more about this increasingly common family law issue and the ways in which it is similar to domestic violence among heterosexual couples.

For the most part, the types of domestic violence that homosexual and heterosexual couples experience are the same. Physical abuse is typical, and this may or may not include evidence such as marks and bruises. There is also psychological abuse, which may include threats, fear and intimidation. Sexual violence and financial abuse - one spouse withholding money from the other - is also common in all types of couples.

However, same-sex couples may experience some differences in the type of domestic violence they face. Some homosexuals are still "in the closet," meaning that they may be in same-sex relationships, but have not told friends and family about their sexual orientation. Therefore, their partner may threaten to "out" them if they don't comply with their demands. In addition, those who are in same-sex relationships tend to fight back and it is not uncommon for authorities to overlook the dynamics of the relationship and consider the violence to be among equals.

Homosexual couples are typically protected by state laws if their state of residence supports same-sex marriage. Those who are abused by a partner should seek advice from a family law attorney to understand their rights.

Source: FindLaw, "Same-Sex Domestic Violence," accessed Jan. 17, 2015

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