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Grandmother retains child custody, mother held for kidnapping

Police officers were called for assistance in a recent incident outside the state of Georgia, involving a domestic matter. A woman, who has legal child custody of her 10-year-old grandson, learned that the boy's mother had taken him on a hitchhiking spree. This occurred following a pre-arranged visit between the boy and his mother.

According to a recent report, the mother and son were seen walking along an Interstate. A woman picked them up to give them a ride and was told by the boy's mother that the two were on their way to meet the woman's ex-spouse. The driver implored the woman to be taken to her residence, instead, whereupon the woman grew angry and demanded to exit the vehicle with her son.

Later information states that sometime after being let out of the vehicle, the young boy approached a man at a truck stop. The boy was in tears, saying that his mother had gotten into a large truck and had left him all alone. City police were contacted while a gas station attendant kept watch over the child. When police arrived on the scene, they secured the child and located his mother; who was still in the parking lot. She was arrested for improper supervision of a minor and soon-after, held for kidnapping.

A detective transported the boy to a local police station. Once there, he rejoined his remaining family. His mother is now in prison, soon to be facing formal kidnapping charges.

When a grandparent has legal child custody, matters can become complicated. At times, a family law attorney can help to ensure that the guardian's rights, as well as the child's, are protected and upheld. In the state of Georgia, grandparents involved in situations like this have a right to contact a professional legal team for counsel and assistance.

Source:, "GPD swiftly resolves kidnapping issue in child custody case", Dec.21, 2014

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