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Don't let divorce ruin your children's holidays

Going through a divorce during the holiday season can be especially difficult, particularly when there are minor-aged children involved. Despite the personal difficulties and strong feelings and emotions a divorcing parent is likely to be experiencing, it's important to keep one's children a top priority.

Divorcing parents have likely established a parenting plan that dictates when children are with each parent. For many families, the holidays are bound by traditions that may include Thanksgiving at an Aunt's house or Christmas at a grandparent's home. However, while in the midst of a divorce, it's best to limit excessive travel as children will already likely be shuttling between parents and adjusting to many changes.

In addition to limiting time spent traveling, divorcing parents must do their best to set aside personal feelings towards a soon-to-be ex-spouse and resolve to get along for the sake of shared children. What better time than the holidays to offer an ex a proverbial olive branch?

With minor-aged children, presents are often a big part of the holidays. Divorcing parents would be wise to communicate with one another and make decisions together regarding the type and expense of a gift. Trying to outdo an ex and win a child over by purchasing an extravagant or expensive gift is not only childish, but also serves to put a child in a difficult and unfair position.

The holiday season is traditionally about giving thanks, spending time with family and making memories. The fact that an individual is going through a divorce shouldn't diminish or take away from these important aspects of the holidays. Yes, things are bound to be different this year and not always in a good way. It's important, however, to focus on one's children and make a concerted effort to make their holidays happy and memorable.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorcing? A Few Dos and Don'ts to Help Keep the Holidays Bright for Your Kids," Cheryl and Joe Dillon, Dec. 2, 2014

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