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Controversial sign in Georgia brings emotional stress and outcry

A controversial sign posted at a local bar in a downtown Georgia area brought forth a public outcry this past weekend. The Savannah business displayed a sign containing text which advertised a "Happy Hour." The sign listed the word "domestic" with a caption that referenced liking their beer "the same as their violence." A local news crew used a news app to show the sign to various citizens, asking their opinion of the display. It became obvious that the text evoked emotional stress from several, who responded by saying that they were shocked and upset by the sign.

One individual who was interviewed, the executive director of the local SAFE shelter (a United Way Agency where one can seek refuge and protection from danger), stated that domestic violence is not a joking matter. She also said that in the Savannah region, domestic violence is a deadly problem that has had a significant impact on local areas. According to records, there have been 73 deaths, in 2014, attributed to domestic violence in the state of Georgia. This issue has also been in the forefront of national news with several well-known professional athletes being accused in domestic violence lawsuits.

A social network page connected to the bar where the sign was posted did not offer an apology in the face of public outcry and backlash. However, posts on the page have suggested that people make a monetary donation to a shelter in order to help stop violence. The woman interviewed from the SAFE agency reported that it was a good gesture for the bar owners to post that message in the public, online forum.

Domestic violence can cause immense emotional stress, fear and havoc in the lives of those who are living as potential victims. Legal advisers, experienced in family law, are available to those in need of professional guidance. Contacting a family law attorney can help a person understand the legal process involved. The issue of violence in families is quite complex and the process of defending and protecting oneself against potential danger and physical harm can be confusing and overwhelming. When seeking to file a violence protection order, family law attorneys can assist in providing the resources and options available.

Source:, "Savannah bar receiving backlash responds to controversial sign", Nick Natario, Dec.22, 2014

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