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December 2014 Archives

Grandmother retains child custody, mother held for kidnapping

Police officers were called for assistance in a recent incident outside the state of Georgia, involving a domestic matter. A woman, who has legal child custody of her 10-year-old grandson, learned that the boy's mother had taken him on a hitchhiking spree. This occurred following a pre-arranged visit between the boy and his mother.

Controversial sign in Georgia brings emotional stress and outcry

A controversial sign posted at a local bar in a downtown Georgia area brought forth a public outcry this past weekend. The Savannah business displayed a sign containing text which advertised a "Happy Hour." The sign listed the word "domestic" with a caption that referenced liking their beer "the same as their violence." A local news crew used a news app to show the sign to various citizens, asking their opinion of the display. It became obvious that the text evoked emotional stress from several, who responded by saying that they were shocked and upset by the sign.

Do Georgia grandparents have legal rights to see a grandchild?

When a couple with children decides to divorce, matters related to child custody and visitation must be addressed and settled. Frequently, child custody matters stir up strong emotions in both parents and, at times, such matters can become contentious. When parents are not able to work together to come to a resolution and sort out issues related to legal and physical custody as well as visitation, a family court must intervene.

Does separating from a spouse really decrease one's stress level?

Sometimes, regardless of how hard one or both spouses may try to make it work, a marriage falls apart. Maybe a couple met and married at too young of an age or one spouse reveals that he or she had an affair. Regardless of the circumstances, when things come to a head, a couple may choose to separate for a time.

Don't let divorce ruin your children's holidays

Going through a divorce during the holiday season can be especially difficult, particularly when there are minor-aged children involved. Despite the personal difficulties and strong feelings and emotions a divorcing parent is likely to be experiencing, it's important to keep one's children a top priority.

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