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The most prevalent injuries motorcyclists suffer in crashes

Some would say that motorcycle riding is a calling. Those who enjoy riding understand that call and understand the risks that go with it. That vulnerability goes with the territory, and as someone who enjoys riding, you may take as much care as possible to avoid injury.

However, you can't control the actions of other drivers on the road. Whether they don't see you or otherwise act negligently, you could end up suffering serious injuries. In fact, many motorcyclists suffer similar injuries that could have a profound impact on the rest of their lives.

Be careful when driving in Georgia's adverse weather

Unless you have moved to Georgia from a state up north, you probably do not have much experience driving in icy, snowy or even very windy conditions. This winter, nature has given those of us who live here more than our usual share of adverse weather. As a result, car accidents in the area have increased.

To highlight our point, two car accident fatalities occurred in North Georgia just this week because of gusting winds. While both of these were single car accidents, they still serve to remind us that weather can affect driving conditions. When motorists who are not accustomed to driving in poor winter conditions take the wheel, they have an increased risk of falling victim to crashes and collisions.

Tips to maximize your motorcycle accident insurance compensation

Victims of motorcycle accidents typically suffer serious personal injury and massive property damage. Receiving the maximum amount of compensation possible replaces out-of-pocket expenses and enables victims to pay for much-needed medical care. However, insurance companies want to make money and do not like to let it slip out of their fingers.

Making a successful insurance claim is like gambling in some ways. Your words, your actions and even your conversational tone could betray you and reveal a hidden weakness. Since you are injured, you may be in pain or taking medication, which can also make you vulnerable. To help you cope in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident while also dealing with your insurance company, we offer the following tips.

  • Avoid signing a waiver or a release of any kind without legal guidance.
  • Document the accident if possible and keep the information safe.
  • Avoid making a written or recorded statement unless you are confident that you understand your policy coverage.
  • Keep all of the medical records associated with your motorcycle accident injuries.
  • Avoid accepting a settlement offer from your insurance provider without a legal opinion.
  • Take detailed notes during each of your communications with insurance company personnel.
  • Avoid making any statement that might sound like an admission of fault.
  • Seek a legal opinion about filing an injury claim if your motorcycle accident was caused by negligence.

Do lawyers see many dog bite cases involving Doberman Pinschers?

You likely already know this, but it is important to point out that any breed of dog can bite humans. Having said that, you may also know that large dogs like the Rottweiler, the pit bull and the Doberman are usually cited as the worst dog bite offenders. In fact, many of the popular online lists of dangerous dog breeds include Doberman Pinschers.

Since Dobermans are quite popular in the state of Georgia, the easiest way to answer your question is to say yes, injury attorneys do handle dog bite cases involving Dobermans. However, you should understand that several factors could make a dog, regardless of its breed, dangerous to humans. If you are asking about Dobermans because you wish to own one or because one has attacked you, it may help to learn more about the breed.

Truck driver in 11-vehicle crash may face a year of jail time

Back in November of last year, the Gainesville community was shaken by a multi-vehicle truck accident that claimed the life of a young Georgia woman. As reports come in discussing what consequences the truck driver could face, many community members will probably remember the accident and wonder if the potential consequences are enough for so tragic a loss.

To refresh your memory, the truck accident occurred on Nov. 13 in Gainesville on the Queen City Parkway. Reports indicate that the 41-year-old truck driver caused the accident by following traffic too closely and driving too fast for the foggy conditions present at the time. Fourteen people were involved in the truck accident, with several of them requiring medical attention.

What benefits does paternity establishment give mothers and kids?

Many Georgia couples choose to have children without getting married. Sometimes, these unmarried relationships will last forever and everyone involved—including children—live happily ever after for the most part. Other times, the blissful feelings a couple experiences fade away and one or both parties decide to break the relationship. This is where the trouble for unmarried parents often begins.

Family law attorneys have seen more relationship scenarios than you may be able to imagine. They know that even the happiest unmarried parents may suffer a relationship breakdown in the future. This is why lawyers encourage unwed couples to establish paternity as early as possible. Doing so offers many benefits to children, mothers and to fathers as well. Here are a few of these benefits.

  • Arguably, the most important benefit of paternity establishment is that it provides the child with two legitimate parents. Children have the best chance of thriving when they receive love and emotional support from both parents.
  • Financial support is also an important benefit for the custodial parent and the child. Establishing paternity gives custodial mothers the right to seek child support through the family court system.
  • Finally, fathers benefit from establishing paternity because it gives them legal rights to their children. This means dads can have a say in how their kids are raised, how they are educated and how they receive medical care.

When another driver's distraction becomes your problem

If you're one of many Georgia residents who happens to be a parent, you've likely cautioned your children many times, especially in their toddler years, when they were about to do things that placed their safety at risk. For instance, you might recall warning your little ones not to touch electrical outlets or put things into their mouths that they randomly picked up off the floor. It's too bad you can't do the same with your fellow motorists while driving.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could offer a word of caution to a nearby driver using a cell phone or juggling a burger and super-sized drink at the wheel? In reality, there's not much you can do to make other drivers act responsibly while navigating Georgia roadways. If you're lucky, however, you might be able to avoid collision if you know how to recognize signs of distracted driving. It's also good to know what support resources are available to address collision damage issues that another person's negligence caused.

Forget these myths to stay safe when motorcycle season arrives

Believe it or not, winter will fade and warm summer weather will invade Georgia in the near future. For those who enjoy riding motorcycles, this is welcome news. As you know, summer is great for cycling, but it is also the prime season for motorcycle accidents as well.

Because staying safe while riding is always a concern for enthusiasts, this is a great time to examine some of the myths associated with riding bikes. Discounting these myths may also help you avoid motorcycle accidents altogether. At the very least, knowing the truth could improve your chances of survival if an accident occurs.

  • Helmets increase your danger: Believing this could get you killed. In truth, helmets protect you from head injury and do not block your hearing or vision, as some enthusiasts believe.
  • Gear does not protect you: Like helmets, other forms of riding gear are designed to increase your protection. For example, the right body gear can reduce the severity of injuries you might suffer in a motorcycle accident.
  • Ear plugs increase your danger: If you believe that hearing protection is more dangerous than routine exposure to the loud sounds associated with cycling, then you are mistaken. Protecting your hearing is always important while riding.
  • Loud pipes reduce motorcycle accidents: This is a myth believed by many, but it is not true. Statistically speaking, the volume of your pipes has no impact at all on the number of accidents that occur.

The number of car accident-related deaths is rising in Georgia

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT), deaths due to car accidents are increasing in the state. If you look at this in a logical manner, this means that your safety on the roadways is decreasing. Since 2014, the volume of deaths related to car accidents has risen by 33 percent.

Further, an employee with the DOT says that the state of Georgia is ahead of the national curve when it comes to deaths caused by car accidents. On average, about 1,500 lives are lost in Georgia car accidents at this time. The employee also stated that she believes distracted driving is a big factor in the number of crash-related deaths that occur each year. You can find specific figures below.

  • 1,170 accident related deaths occurred in 2014
  • 1,432 accident-related deaths occurred in 2015
  • 1,561 accident-related deaths occurred in 2016
  • 1,533 accident-related deaths occurred in 2017
  • 81 people have already died in car accidents this year

How should you take photos of a car accident scene?

The immediate aftermath of a car accident is one of the most chaotic and frightening things a person can experience. This is true in serious car accidents as well as minor ones. It can be difficult to think clearly even if you have not suffered serious injuries. However, aside from seeking medical care, assessing and documenting the scene is of major importance.

If you are physically able, taking photos of the scene and the involved vehicles is an excellent way to protect yourself. Good images also strengthen your case with insurance companies as well as with judges if you choose to seek a remedy through a civil action in a Georgia court.

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