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Brachial plexus injuries after a fall

Were you recently injured in a fall? Does your hand now feel numb or tingly? Is your arm weak? Do you have difficulty moving your shoulder?

If so, you might be suffering from a brachial plexus injury. A brachial plexus injury involves damage to the nerve bundle that runs from your spinal cord all the way down your arm and into your hand. In particular, you should suspect this type of injury if you reached your arm out to break your fall.

Children's parties and trampolines: Not always a good combination

If your child is old enough to receive party invitations, your life has likely gotten a lot busier than you'd ever imagined it could. Kids nowadays often go all out for their birthdays, with some families renting bounce houses or ponies for their festivities. Then again, you may be among many Georgia parents who prefer simple affairs, with backyard fun and games. 

Many families have trampolines in their backyards. However, not every family adheres to recommended safety rules for such activities. What happens if your son or daughter goes to a birthday party and jumps on a trampoline with the other guests, then suffers an injury? Who should be responsible for the medical expenses? If the parents or legal guardians of the household failed to keep their guests safe, you may have some legal decisions to make. In such circumstances, knowing where to seek support is a critical factor

Are pit bulls really that dangerous?

Pit bulls are one of the most recognized -- and reviled -- dogs of our times. While breeds tend to come and go in popularity, pit bulls have become a subject of hot debate all over the nation. Some people say that they're wonderful, loving dogs that simply need to be well-socialized. Others say that they're all genetically predisposed toward vicious attacks and unsafe no matter how much training they receive.

Which side is right? In reality, probably neither -- but you do have some good reasons to be cautious. Here's what you should know about the pit bulls in your neighborhood.

Treating road rash after a motorcycle accident

One of the most common injuries after a motorcycle accident is "road rash." The scrapes and cuts that a rider can suffer after being thrown across an asphalt or concrete road can be incredibly painful and hard to heal.

While any serious abrasions should always be checked over and treated by a physician, there are some home treatments for road rash that you can use:

Contempt of court during a divorce

There's no doubt about it: Divorces can get quite unpleasant. In fact, they can turn downright ugly when one spouse is determined to make the other spouse's life as miserable as possible -- and uses the court to do it.

What happens if you are accused of violating one of the court's orders during your divorce?

How to avoid a truck's no-zone

If you're on the nation's highways, you're sharing them with some pretty big rigs. If you want to stay safe, it's important to keep out of the "no-zone" of the trucks around you.

Semis and other large vehicles have some fairly significant blind spots. The smaller your vehicle, the faster you can essentially disappear into one of those blind spots. Once you're where the truck's driver can't see you, you're at greater risk of an accident. Those are the no-zones.

Americans won't stop texting and driving

Americans have a problem with their cellphones.

In specific, they don't seem to know how to stop using their phones while they're behind the wheels of their cars. Even parents -- the people who should be most concerned not only with the safety of their precious cargo but also with setting an example -- can't seem to stop themselves from texting and driving.

Trampolines pose serious risks for children

As the parent of a young child, you understand that kids often have adventurous and rambunctious temperaments. You may do your best to make sure that your child has fun but also remains safe while doing so. Of course, you cannot account for your child's every action.

Inevitably, your child will receive an invitation to a friend's birthday party or simply for a playdate at another child's home. You may feel comfortable letting your child attend because other parents will provide supervision. Still, while theses outings may have a promise of fun, other people's homes can present dangers you may not have foreseen. In particular, your child may be at risk of suffering injuries if his or her friend has a trampoline.

How to avoid water park injuries

When it's hot out in the middle of summer, a water park is probably the best place in the world to visit -- unless an accident happens.

There are several common types of accidents that result in both visits to the emergency room and personal injury lawsuits. In order to avoid them, you need to keep the following things in mind:

Defensive driving techniques for Georgia motorcycle riders

In the Georgia heat, there are few better ways to cool off than to mount a motorcycle and get the wind in your face. The last thing you want is for a negligent motorist to spoil your fun and endanger your life by involving you in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, these crashes do happen and they all too often lead to catastrophic injuries.

Even when you use all the safe cycling tips you can find, motorcycle accidents are still a risk for those who love to ride. It may not be possible to spot a drunk driver or motorists who drive carelessly in time to avoid a crash. By adding defensive driving techniques to your safety plan, you may be able to reduce your risk of injury in a dangerous accident.

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