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Both parents are expected to support their children after a divorce. Georgia state law has a standard for how child support is calculated and how much the noncustodial parent is responsible for.

The attorneys at Weaver Law Firm can help you sort out all of the issues surrounding child support and find a solution you and your ex-spouse or co-parent can live with. We work with you to calculate your income and that of your ex-spouse or co-parent and determine how much child support should be paid and by whom. We help clients in Gainesville and throughout North Georgia.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

The Georgia Legislature changed the laws in 2007 so that both parents' incomes are taken into account when calculating child support. The amount of money required to support a child is based on a standardized formula. Once this amount is determined, it will be split between the parents, based on who the custodial parent is and which has the larger income.

So if the mother of a child makes more than the father, but she is the custodial parent, the father will pay a smaller percentage of the determined amount. Other factors may include how much time the child spends with each parent, as determined by the parenting plan, or additional expenses that may require a deviation from the standard guidelines. Child support laws also include a requirement for a portion of day care costs to be paid by the noncustodial parent.

Whichever side of this equation you are on, we will work with you, your ex-spouse or co-parent, and his or her lawyer to come to an arrangement both of you can agree upon. If you cannot come to an agreement, we will bring your case to court.

We can also help you if you need a modification of court orders to change child support because you or your ex-spouse or co-parent has experienced a significant change in income. If your ex-spouse or co-parent is not paying or not paying in full, we can help you file an enforcement of court orders.

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