Gainesville Traffic Violation Attorneys

If you’ve been cited for a traffic violation, lawyers at Weaver Law Firm can help you through the process and minimize the effect on your driving record. While speeding, failure to stop and texting while driving—to name a few—can impose heavy fines, they can also increase your insurance premiums or even cause your license to be revoked. That’s why before heading to traffic court, lawyer consultation is recommended.

The attorneys at Weaver Lawn Firm can not only help you easily resolve traffic issues, they can reduce the short- and long-term effects of many traffic tickets. Our lawyers are highly experienced and know the best way to approach a case in order to reduce charges and minimize the overall effects.

Our attorneys also understand the urgency of driving infractions. We know that you can’t be without your license, which is why we return your call immediately and quickly resolve your case. Contact us now to discuss your case.