Gainesville Probation And Parole Violation Attorneys

When probation or parole is granted, a very specific set of conditions are also imposed. A violation of probation or parole conditions can lead to revocation or other consequences such as jail time, fines, community service and more. If you think you might be facing a violation of probation, it’s important to contact an attorney quickly. In many instances, quick action can keep probation or parole from being revoked.

Some of the most common causes of probation violations are committing or simply being arrested for a new crime, failure to appear in court, failure to report to a parole officer, or failure to comply with imposed rehabilitation or community service. Possession of alcohol or drugs are also often considered a violation of probation or parole, and can have significant consequences.

If you’re worried about hefty fines or jail time due to one of these or any other violations, contact an attorney at Weaver Law Firm now. Our attorneys can help you assess your actions and quickly resolve the matter.