Gainesville Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

A Conviction On Your Record Can Have A Serious Impact

If you are arrested on suspicion of a drug crime, you have more to worry about than time in prison and steep fines. A conviction on your record will stay with you long after you have served your sentence. Every time you look for a job or a place to live or apply for school, that conviction will show up on a background check. If you are ever arrested again, for any reason, you will most likely be treated more harshly by the police and the prosecution because of your record.

At time of sentencing, it is standard procedure for the judge to inquire with the prosecutor as to a person's criminal history; a person with a criminal history usually gets a stiffer sentence than one who has no history. When your freedom and your livelihood are at stake, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights.

At Weaver Law Firm, we understand the damage a conviction can do to your life and how it can affect your entire family. Our goal is to mitigate that damage and resolve your case in the best manner possible. Our attorneys have years of experience defending people in Gainesville and throughout North Georgia. We are aggressive advocates and will vigorously protect your rights and your freedom.

We offer exceptional criminal defense for these and other drug crimes:

  • Possession
  • Distribution or intent to sell
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing
  • Conspiracy
  • Prescription drug crimes

Protecting Your Rights

You must have a lawyer with experience in drug crimes if you want to avoid a conviction. The criminal justice system is vast and complex. Our attorneys know how the system works. We will look for all available solutions in your case, including diversion programs like Drug Court, HELP Court, Family Court, Veteran's Court, residential rehab facilities, AVITA, RSAT and many more.

Each case is unique and will vary depending on your age, your criminal history, the type of drug, the amount of drug and the circumstances under which you were arrested. We will adapt our strategy to your particular situation. We will review the evidence the prosecution has against you and investigate it for ourselves, looking for weaknesses we can exploit.

We will also look at all of your options and explain them clearly so you have the information you need to make smart decisions. Our goal is to help you avoid a conviction by having your case dismissed or the charges dropped. We will take your case before a judge and jury if that is what it takes to protect your rights.

Do Not Risk Your Freedom On An Inexperienced Lawyer

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