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Don't Let One Happy Hour Ruin Your Life

You can have enough alcohol in your bloodstream to blow .08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC) after one or two drinks, depending on your body weight, metabolism and other factors. This means if you are pulled over after an evening at the bar, your whole life can change.

Georgia law enforcement deals harshly with people convicted of DUI violations. If you are convicted, you may face:

  • Fines of up to $1,000 plus approximately another $500 in court costs
  • License suspension for up to one year
  • A minimum of 40 hours of mandatory community service
  • Up to one year in jail
  • Mandatory 12 months' probation, which cannot terminate early
  • Mandatory DUI School attendance
  • Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Evaluation and any recommended treatments
  • $210 license reinstatement fee

In addition, that conviction stays on your record. If you are arrested on suspicion of DUI again, the penalties only get worse. And the conviction shows up on a background check. This can affect your ability to get a job, find a place to live and apply for school or for a loan. Don't let one evening damage your future. Talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney about your rights.

At Weaver Law Firm, we understand that good people make mistakes. It is very possible that anyone who drinks could have gotten a DUI sometime during their life. Have you ever driven after drinking (at a social gathering, holiday party, etc.,) because you felt fine, you really didn't drink that much, you were just driving a short distance home, your companions were in worse shape than you?

No one condones impaired driving—but it does happen. We all know there are degrees of impairment (the person who is slightly "buzzed" versus someone ridiculously intoxicated).

DUI laws, however, do not make that distinction. The person "slightly buzzed" who feels perfectly fine to drive home is just as guilty (if his or her BAC is .08 or higher) as the person intoxicated to the point of being totally out of control.

We are well aware of the serious problems one can face because of a DUI conviction; we have seen it time and time again. We will do everything we can to protect your driver's license from being suspended and resolve your case in the most positive way possible. Our lawyers offer aggressive defense and quality customer service to clients in Gainesville and throughout North Georgia.

How Can You Help Me Avoid Drunk Driving Charges?

You will sit down with one of our attorneys, who will listen to your story. We will review the evidence the police have gathered against you and compare it to your account of events. We will investigate every detail of the arrest, including:

  • The legality of the stop
  • The officer's adherence to protocol before, during and after the arrest
  • Whether the field sobriety tests were administered properly
  • Whether the Breathalyzer machine was properly calibrated
  • The arresting officer's background and experience

Our goal is to get your charges dropped or reduced. We will work hard to protect your future and obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.

We Will Stand Up For Your Rights

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