Gainesville Bond Hearing Lawyers

Bond hearings usually take place within hours of an arrest and determine if bail will be granted and its conditions. The lawyers at the Weaver Law Firm have successfully represented countless clients due to our responsiveness and experience. We understand that timing is crucial to bond hearings, which is why we return your call immediately.

Bond hearings are used to determine eligibility and the conditions for bail based on the defendant and the crime of which the defendant is accused. There are a variety of possible results of a bond hearing including ineligibility, a cash, property or surety bond, or release on own recognizance, meaning release without payment. Securing representation from an attorney is crucial to the success of your bond hearing. The attorneys at Weaver Law Firm will not only guide you through the process toward your desired outcome, we will also be poised to help you immediately with your ensuing case.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, contact an attorney at Weaver Law Firm now.