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Family Law Archives

Family law: what is a guardianship?

For many Georgia families, there comes a time when a parent is unable to care for his or her children. When this happens, other options must be sought. Although adoption is oftentimes a sound plan, it is permanent. This fact leaves some uneasy, which is why they decide to turn to guardianship. However, before creating a guardianship, the parties involved need to fully understand what it entails and how it can affect one's rights to the child in question.

Overview of Georgia's child support guidelines

Like many other states, Georgia has child support guidelines so that courts can, hopeful, fairly and uniformly order child support so that parents who have to pay, or who will receive, child support feel that they are being treated equally. While not every child support case is exactly the same as another, having a uniform process still, hopefully, increases confidence in the judicial system.

What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

Depending on one's specific set of circumstances, certain divorce legal issues can take precedence. For example, divorcing couples with a child may focus a lot of their time and energy on resolving child custody and visitation matters. Those who gave up their career in order to raise a family may want to take the time to develop strong legal arguments for alimony. Of course, each of these issues, as well as other family law matters, should be part of a comprehensive approach to marriage dissolution. Therefore, in order to proceed in a way that one feels supports his or her best interests, individuals need to know as much as they can about divorce.

Understanding how child support is calculated

When a child support order comes from the courts, the non-custodial parent who owes child support has a legal duty to pay. Failure to do so could lead to serious consequences, including but not limited to changes in one's credit rating, wage garnishment and even contempt of court, which could lead to time in jail.

What to do if someone is violating a family law order

Many people in Georgia are married and have children. While the couple is together, they generally make all the decisions regarding schedules, responsibilities around the home and how the relationship will work. However, if the couple splits, the court will probably get involved. In the divorce, a court will divide assets, make child custody determinations, parenting time decisions, child support decisions and many others.

Understanding the basics of alimony

People throughout the United States, including those living in and near Atlanta, Georgia, know that every person is unique, as is every relationship, whether it is a business relationship, friendship or married couple. In some situations, both spouses are able to work and juggle schedules to earn money for the family. With other families, one spouse earns money to support the family financially while the other spouse stays at home and either takes care of the housekeeping or cares for the children, or both.

Child support basics in Georgia

When people in Georgia have children together, they soon realize that making sure that the children are fed, clothed, have a roof over their head and other costs add up quickly. The parents need to figure out how they are going to pay for the various things the child needs. Both parents contribute in some way though. This could be through both having jobs or one parent providing care for the child, while the other works. However, figuring out how to contribute to these costs becomes trickier when the couple is no longer together.

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