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Divorce Archives

You do not need to tackle divorce alone

Going through a divorce could be one of the most strenuous and stressful times in a person's life. Emotions inevitably run high, and you could feel overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made. Add to it family members and friends who may be well-intentioned but could be providing you with less than ideal advice, and you could make your situation worse.

How alimony is treated for tax purposes

When people get divorced in Georgia, they realize how many expenses they were able to share, which allowed them maintain their lifestyle. After a divorce, people need to start paying for their separate expenses, which can double their budget. However, most of the time, the people are still earning the same amount of money during the marriage as they are right after a divorce. Therefore, figuring out how to pay for these new expenses can be difficult.

Confidentiality of divorce mediation in Georgia

There are many reasons that people in Georgia end up divorcing. Regardless of the reason, people need to divide their life together during the process. This means that they must determine which parent will have custody of the children, parenting time, child support, asset division and potentially, spousal support, among others. The process can go one of two ways. It can be contested in trial or the parties can work together to determine a fair resolution.

Factors used to determine alimony in Georgia

When people are married in Georgia, they share the expenses. How they share those expenses varies from family to family though. Sometimes, both spouses work similar paying jobs and equally contribute financially. In other marriages, one spouse may earn all or most of the income, while the other spouse stays home to care for the children. Due to the many different scenarios in a marriage, there are different outcomes if the couple ever decides to divorce.

What can a divorce court look at when dividing property?

There are many different aspects to getting a divorce in Georgia. The person petitioning will have to choose a ground for the divorce or, possibly, a no-fault ground. Once the divorce petition is filed, served on the respondent and either answered or a default is entered, there are many issues that will have to be resolved by the parties or the court. These can include child support, child custody, alimony and, of course, division of property.

How is alimony affected by prior conduct?

Georgia residents are likely aware of the term no-fault divorce. Over the last 40 years or so, most states have created a cause of action in which spouses wishing to dissolve their marriages can simply plead that the marriage is 'irretrievably broken' without being more specific as to the problems that occurred. While Georgia still maintains fault-based causes of action for divorce, most present-day dissolutions of marriage will be of the no-fault kind.

What is imputed income in a Georgia divorce?

The policy of the state of Georgia is that children are to be supported by the fruits of their parents' labors. This generally means both parents, whether said parents are living together or otherwise communicating with regard to the children. So, when a court determines that one parent is to have residential custody of the kids, the other parent is usually required to pay child support.

Reality star begins Georgia divorce during TV episode

There are people across the country and in state of Georgia who enjoy watching reality shows like "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." One of the factors that drives this enjoyment is often the personal look viewers get inside the lives of the individuals performing in the show. Recently, one woman who stars in the serial began one of the most personal processes possible when she visited an attorney on air to discuss terminating her marriage.

Settling a divorce is often the best option

The emotional effects of the end of a marriage are fairly well documented. Regardless of whether a person initiates the proceedings or it is begun by the other party, the feelings that Georgia residents have regarding this tumultuous period in their lives often affect their reasoning abilities. Even when a break-up is relatively amicable, the sense of loss of a significant part of a person's life can make objectivity difficult.

What is a Joint Compliance Certificate in a Georgia divorce?

A previous post here discussed some of the basic structure that a couple contemplating the end of a marriage might expect from the family courts during a divorce process in Georgia. Because of the state's policy of favoring amicable resolution of family matters, for the welfare of all involved, as well as the expense to society, this structure includes several potential status conferences. These conferences allow the court to monitor the progress of the case and encourages the parties to work together to find common ground for a settlement.

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